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If you haven't been, then it's time you came to Just Fired's Summer Workshops.  We have planned some very creative and fun workshops for your children (6+ years old) to attend each Wednesday during the Summer beginning on June 10th.  All Workshops are from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and cost $47.70 ($45.00 + tax).  When you attend one Workshop at full price, any additional Workshop your child attends will be 10% off.  Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided at each Workshop. 

June 10th    Penguins of Madagascar   The Penguins are my favorite!  Today we'll paint a Penguin Pencil Holder.  We'll have pizza and Zebra Cakes for lunch.  In the afternoon you'll get to choose Alex, Melman, Marty or Gloria to paint.

June 17th    Spongebob Squarepants   We'll paint a Starfish on a plate today using a paper technique.  We'll have Crabby Patties (hamburgers from Burger King) for lunch.  In the afternoon we'll decorate an oversized Yellow T-Shirt to look like Spongebob.  And, make something with the shells we found in Bikini Bottom.

June 24th    Minecraft   Today we'll paint your own real life Treasure Chest.  We'll have PB&J sandwishes and fruit for lunch.  In the afternoon you'll get 4 "blocks" to craft into something.  You'll also get to paint "Creeper" on a square tile.

July 1st      Captain America   Everything we do today will be Red, White and Blue.  We'll be painting a 3-Dimensional USA sign today using "explosive" paint.  For lunch, we'll have hot dogs and fruit.  After lunch, we'll tie-dye an oversized T-Shirt Red, White and Blue.  Just in time for July 4th!

July 8th      Frozen   You know Olaf loves Summer!!  But, before we warm things up we'll paint an Ice Cream Bowl.  We'll have Burger King and ice cream for lunch.  After lunch, we'll paint an "Olaf in Summer" dinner plate.

July 15th    TMNT   We'll paint a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Bank today.  We'll have pizza for lunch, naturally.  In the afternoon we'll paint a Cowabunga Plate.

July 22nd    Tinkerbell!   Today we will make a complete Fairy Garden.  We'll paint a Fairy and a big Mushroom House.  We'll have Fairy (chicken) Wings, fries and fruit for lunch.  In the afternoon we'll make the Garden your Fairy will live in.

July 29th    10th Annual Pajama Party   Hop out of bed and come in IN your P.J.'s.  Today we'll paint the word "DREAM" to remind you to never, ever stop dreaming.  We'll walk over to Waffle House for lunch.  In the afternoon  we'll decorate a Canvas with Word Art.





In addition to our Summer Workshops we will be offering Kids and Canvas every Monday morning from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. beginning June 8th.  The price of each session is $26.50 ($25.00 + tax).  As with the Workshops, if your child attends one Kids and Canvas at full price any additional Kids and Canvas will be 10% off.  We will offer a unique painting each week during the Summer.


Please sign your child up for either the Summer Workshops or Kids and Canvas by calling 770-516-3777 or e-mailing us at  We would love to entertain your child this Summer.